Buying your first condo is a big investment that requires major decisions. It is really not the same as purchasing family homes and you will have to take several factors into consideration before you make the final decisions on the payments. Depending on the design and sizes, some condos are much bigger and more expensive when compared to the family homes.

Modern condo designs go for a lot more than the older models. Some of the thing you should expect to see in a condo includes a personal fitness centre, pet areas, recreational spaces, a great patio that faces the beach and other luxuries.  The first thing that should come into mind when you are searching for any home is the design and then the price together with the location.

Follow these tips to find and purchase your perfect first condo

Just like when you are making any major decisions, the first step should always be to question your intentions, needs and financial priorities. You need to ask yourself if you have any need to purchase a beach front condo.  A condo is very different from a family home in several aspects. With the beach condo, your neighbours are living in a closer proximity.  You will have multiple neighbours and less sense of privacy. Find the perfect condo by looking at all aspects from the community rules to all the fee payments you will have.

Asses the pros and cons of purchasing one before you think about making the final decisions. Hire a qualified real estate agent to help you find the perfect home with an affordable pricing.  It is best to work with an agent who has a background and experience in selling and buying beach front condominiums. This comes in handy when you are dealing with all the legal documents during closing. The agent is also well informed about that type of real estate and they will help you make all the right choices.

An experienced real estate agent should be able to tell the difference between good and poor structures.  They can identify fraudulent dealers and overpriced homes real fast. They will help you find the perfect home in less than half the time you would use to search for the perfect home.

Getting the financing for a condo is probably more difficult than getting some for your family homes. The process, however, is quiet the same. You have to have a pre-approval letter before you start shopping for the beach front condo. Keep in mind that not all lenders will approve to give you the finances for a condo. You can get a federal housing administration loan to make sure the community approved before you purchase a condo in that area.

Finally, get a preview of the home before you actually decide to put down your money for it.  Consider what type of amenities the condo has, the structure and design and how much you will need to do some renovation on the home. Ensure the condo has everything you would want in that type of home before you can settle. Hire a professional inspector to make sure everything is intact and you are indeed getting what you are paying for.